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The Mechanics Behind Logo Creation

 The Mechanics Behind Logo Creation

 As a business, your logo is one of the single most important marketing pieces you will ever create. It is the core of your business brand. That being said, when a business owner approaches a graphic designer about logo creation, this is not something to be taken lightly. It is a huge undertaking that requires a high degree of thought process and planning. It is unreasonable for any business owner to think they can just approach their designer, ask for a new logo and expect it to magically appear. It is important that they understand that there is a process involved and it requires the partnership of both the designer and the business owner to create their desired masterpiece.

Target audience: As a new business, you should know who your customers are. What appeals to them? This information will help you to craft a logo that will attract their attention and help you achieve your desired results.


Mission/Vision: Equally important to the appeal of your customers, your logo should also represent your own values and what is important to you. You want to visually convey your business mission to your audience in a meaningful way.


Remembrance: Your logo should be memorable. The insertion of a tagline often does the job of bringing everything all together. You want your customers and your prospects to associate that tagline and image with you. When you make a call or send a correspondence, they should immediately recognize you.


Shape/easiness on the eyes: Deciding how to shape your logo may require some thought. Should it be square or circular? Should it include and image of a person? These are some of the components you will consider when you are evaluating your target audience and what appeals most to them. When determining the shape, you want to make sure that your lines are clean and easy on the eyes. You don’t want to produce an image that is too busy or confusing. Your message should be clear and simple. Don’t create extra work for your audience by making it difficult for them to discern what it is that you do. Make it easy for them.


Uniquely different: While your logo design should be simple, it must also be unique. This is the fun part of the design process – coming up with something unique that represents all of the qualities of your business and effectively communicates to the audience you serve.  Review similar companies in your industry to see how their brand is represented. How can you stand apart from them? Coming up with something different doesn’t have to be that far out of the box. You can have fun with playful lettering to exemplify the message you want to convey.

As you can see, quite a lot goes into the process of creating a logo that will effectively represent your business and your brand. That being said, as a business owner, you should be respectful of the time your graphic designer has put into developing your concepts and designs. We understand that things are not always perfect the first time around and any proof might require some tweaks to get the perfect finished product.

However, if you should decide to change the concept completely after reviewing the proofs, understand that requires the designer going back to the drawing board, going through all the steps above all over again. And, time is money. Make the best use of your graphic designer’s time to achieve the results you desire. If you have to make changes mid-stream, respect the time and additional costs it will take for your designer to re-design your concept and be patient.

After all, we are talking about the brand that will define your business and how people see you. Take the time to do it right.


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