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Skyscapes: Sports

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Durastrong Sky-Scapes® are durable decorative fluorescent light diffusers that replace existing light diffusers.

Sky-Scapes® will "lighten up" your environment and sprits.  Our relaxing designs will make every day a bright sunny day.  They sooth and calm while eliminating harsh glare found with fluorescent lighting.  Durastrong Sky-Scapes® diffusers measure 23 3/4" x 47 3/4" and are .045 mils thick.  Our diffusers are created to work in 2'x 4' fluorescent light frames.  If your light is smaller, Sky-Scapes® diffusers can be cut with a utility knife to fit your existing light frame.

Saftey Data Sheets will be provided upon request.


We hear many stories from customers about the physical and mental benefits of installing Sky-Scapes® fluorescent light diffusers. Schools, jails, hospitals, dentist offices, chiropractors and spas report more calm and cooperative clients after installing Sky-Scapes® diffusers.

Medical research has found that patients are more cooperative and heal more quickly when exposed to outdoor lighting and calming nature scenes.

Full case required before shipping (lot of 12 panels). We will mix/match your order(s) or combine your order with others to fufill case-lot minimums. Actual shipping expense applicable. Panels measure 23.25" x 47.25" & may be trimmed for your receptables.

Installation Services are Optional and Quoted on a "Per Site" Basis.

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