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Recognition Services

Consulting and Design

Our subject matter experts will listen to your needs and suggest solutions to suit your organization, goals and budget.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our technology solutions provide an efficient, immediate and effective way to manage your incentive and recognition programs.

Data Analytics

We use program results to analyze what is and isn’t working in your program. We combine analytical rigor and deep experience to align your organization with the overall strategies and goals of the business.

Program Marketing

You want your rewards program to look and sound like you. We will complement your corporate identity, drive your performance objectives and reinforce your brand.

Custom Packaging

We make your rewards deliveries stand out with options to engage participants.

Training and Support

We offer full support for our programs and technology platforms from a team of industry professionals who are dedicated to your program.

Customer Service

Representatives are available to help you and your program participants in real time.

Pay-for-Services-Used Model

You only pay for the service elements you select. We are here to provide you with the exact program elements you need.

Global Partnerships

We offer award catalogs with merchandise and/or gift vouchers in more than 120 countries, with local language available for countries in Asia, Latin America, North America and the Middle East, as well as six European languages.

Innovation and Responsiveness

We can provide customized solutions because it is in our DNA to be flexible and responsive. We like new ideas and are ready to work with you to design a solution that fits your needs.

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