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Large, small, simple or complex, XLDesign4U is prepared to help you with your kitting services and assembly needs. Outsourcing your company’s kitting and assembly can be a cost-effective way to meet your organizational goals and accommodate your business needs. Are you looking for kitting and assembly services? It's important to be aware of what these terms mean so you can advise our team about your desired service to fulfil your needs.

Kitting refers to the process of putting individual items together for a product ready to ship. For example, items in a holiday basket are grouped together and sold as a “kit.” Kitting is the process of putting these items together. Kitting is sometimes called product building. Assembly refers to the act of arranging products for a kit and getting it ready to ship as one item instead of you having to assemble the kit. An example of an assembled kit is the holiday basket that is assembled and sold as a single item. The process of kitting the components and preparing it for shipment is assembly.

Let us assist you with creating a “Welcome Kit” for new employees or customers like this Splendid 5-Piece Welcome Gift Set.

Or how about the Team Spirit Event Gift Set?
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